Keene Artists

Studio #3


Sandra Gemmell, Oil painter

12 Harold Rd., Keene, NH

I love our New England seasons and the varied possibilities offered for my oil paintings.

Studio #5


Margaret McMahon, painter
76 School St., Keene, NH

Guest artist: Megan Hall, painter & printmaker

Studio #11 (*not open on Monday)

Sue Doyle, colored pencil
119 Stearns Rd, Keene, NH
The play of one color upon another with colored pencil, gives depth and vibrancy that intrigue me.  I enjoy seeing a drawing "grow" as I work on it.

Studio # 12 (2 artists)


Studio # 16 (2 artists - *not open on Monday)

1. Marylise Reilly-Fajal, painter
23 Allen Court, Keene, NH

Marylise enjoys painting “Plein-Air” watercolors of Conservation Land in New Hampshire, nature scenes, gardens and still life. She also enjoys painting in oils, with a warm and luminous palette.

2. Carol, Corliss, Pastel painter
23 Allen Court, Keene, NH
"I love to paint, because I paint what I love."
The subjects I paint are places and things that are close to my heart.  I want people viewing my work to feel that they can step into my landscape paintings or run their fingers through the fur in one of my pet portraits.
 "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."   ::: Rumi

Studio # 18

Dave Bulger, painting
69 School St., Keene, NH

Studio # 21 (2 artists)

Carmela Azzaro, painting
105 Gunn Road, Keene, NH
Guest artist: Deborah Merchant, weaver
We, as artists, all have our personal "process" for making art.  While I look to Nature as inspiration, my goal is to capture a special moment in time. Sometimes it is simply light and color that seem to play their way across my canvas; at other times it is the strength of rocks and trees; the rage of crashing surf or the gentle meandering of water. My emotional response to my environment is what gives me the passion to create.  It is the point when time stands still for me.
I, purposefully, do not give you too much information. I hope the viewer will bring to the painting their interpretation of what they are seeing.

Studio #23 (3 artists)

Mary Ellen Pellerin, fiber
16 Greenlawn Street, Keene, NH
Guest artists: Jim and Andrea Lorette, jewelry
Wallhangings and quilts with hand stitched applique and hand quilting.
Queen of the Green Police tapestry bags and totes.