Fitzwilliam Artists


Studio #24

Susan Link Silverman, potter/etchings
67 East Lake Road, Fitzwilliam, NH
Susan Silverman has made ceramic work at her studio in Fitzwilliam that includes hand thrown functional porcelain with Asian inspired underglaze brushwork such as tableware and lamps since 1983. She also has made custom tile murals for people's homes since the mid 80's. Her work later branched out into hand pulled prints, including copper plate and photo-based etchings using non-toxic printmaking methods she learned in Wales.

Studio #25

Terry Silverman, potter
312 Route 119, Fitwilliam, NH
Terry Silverman is one of the last potters in the US who makes flameware, a unique stovetop cookware that can be used directly on any stove, oven or broiler. He is also displaying work in stoneware and porcelain. He has been making pottery since 1973 and has had his studio in Fitzwilliam for over 40 years.